Cliff Hyra
Libertarian for
Governor of Virginia

Respecting. Innovating.

Cliff Hyra on the Issues
Go to Economic Growth

Economic Growth

Reduce taxes, unnecessary licensing requirements and burdensome regulations to promote fulfilling opportunities, not just create jobs.

Go to Education Reform

Education Reform

End limits on school choice. Give students the quality, affordable education they deserve, matched to individual needs and aptitudes.

Go to Justice Reform

Justice Reform

De-criminalize consumption and other victimless crimes. End civil asset forfeiture and other law enforcement excesses.

Go to Health Care

Health Care

Eliminate state laws like the certificate of need, which restrict competition, increase costs and reduce access to medical care.

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Meet Cliff!

Husband. Father. Attorney. Businessman. Libertarian.
Cliff Hyra is...

a socially inclusive, fiscally responsible, mainstream Libertarian running for Governor of Virginia. He is an intellectual property lawyer with an undergraduate degree in Aerospace Engineering from Virginia Tech and a law degree from George Mason University.

Cliff is a lifelong Virginian currently living with his wife Stephanie and their three children in Mechanicsville, Hanover Co. In his free time, he enjoys tennis, trap-shooting, and travel.

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